Castleton, Home of peak cavern and Mam Tor

Cycling in Castleton

Castleton is an excellent place for cyclists to enjoy, with a variety of routes, some more challenging than others, available. Most begin in Castleton village square, or nearby.

One recommended, relatively short route begins in Castleton village. Head west, out of the village towardsWinnatsPass, but ignore the turn intoWinnatsPassand head in the direction of Mam Tor along the former main road

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Eventually, you will reachOdin Mine, at which pointthe road narrows andcriss-crossesup the hill.Once upon a time, this wasthe main road to Chapel-en-le-Frithbefore it was destroyed by a landslipin 1973. The road is still a little uneven and in need of repair, so caution is advised.Follow the road until you get to Blue John Cavern, travelling straight one when youmeet the main road. Cyclepast the top of the Winnats pass road and take the next left, a track which takes youpast Rowter Farm.

Cycle left at the T-junction at the end of the road until you come to a gate at the top of Cave Dale path. Carry onin a straight linethrough thefluorsparworkings of Dirtlow Rake.Please take note; you must be careful at this point, as quarrying still occurs here, with lorries driving around frequently.At the end of this track yousurfaceonto the minor road between Bradwell and Castleton. Turn left and follow this road back to Castletonvillage.

There are a few other options for cyclists staying in Castleton. For starters, simpler cycling on more level ground can be found at the Derwent Dams, only a few miles from Castleton.

The above routearound Castletoncan also be lengthened in a couple of ways. The first way to do this is by cycling right at the Cave Dale track and crossing the moor to Peak Forest. From Peak Forest turn either left or right and return to Castleton. By turning leftyou will cycle Bradwell Moor and by going right you will travelPerry Dale and Rushup Edge.

A further alternativeis once at top of the Mam Tor road, take a right and cyclethe Edale road to Mam Nick then go along the top of the edge to Lords Seat. Continue along Rushup Edge and at the end, turnright to descendinto Edale.Trackthe road to Edale village and returnto Castletonvia the bridle track to Greenlands Farm and Hollins Cross before descending (with difficulty) down the track which leads back to Castleton.

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